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Hi and welcome to my marine aquarium site. Here you will find pages based on my own experiences with various marine subjects, from breeding Clown fish to propagating coral. It is a 'work in progress' so new articles & pages will be appearing over time as I assemble the pages.

New Zealand Nanoreef

My latest project, slightly toned down from previous setups.

30L Nano Reef



Death in a colourful package.

My page on my Australian Sea Apple, beautiful animals offset with the potential for disaster in a marine aquarium.


Black Ocellaris Central

My pages on my 2 black clownfish including spawning & raising their babies.




My Tanks

Profiles and info on my tanks past & present:

Family Tank
Coral Propagation / Clownfish Breeding Tank
The Big Tank With The Sump
Larvae Rearing Setup
New Zealand 30L Nano Reef



My Livestock

Profiles on my corals, inverts and fish.



Reefing The Australian Way
Australian reefing forum, excellent resource.

RTAW site, a searchable wki knowledgebase.



Licensed WA collector, Pete & Leanne run an excellent business with a real focus on sustainable collection and propagation.



Great online source for equipment, supply food cultures.


ATJ's Marine Aquarium Site
Very comprehensive site, reliable source for accurate well-researched information.


Oz Reef

Great resource site with a comprehensive DIY section.


Reef Online

Another recommended online shop for marine products. 


Age Of Aquariums

Very good source for low budget pumps and equipment.


GARF (Coral Propogation)

The ultimate resource for coral propagation, a seemingly endless supply of articles on coral propagation showing step-by-step from fragging to grow-out.

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