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Here you will find a listing of all other invertebrates I have kept in addition to corals. In my opinion, these are some of the more interesting animals available for marine aquaria, some however are not well suited which I have found out since purchasing them. In all cases (excluding the Stichodactyla gigantea, I knew what I was getting myself into there) the fish shops they were purchased from all recommended them as reef safe and easy to care for. Lesson learnt is to research before you buy, everyone will tell you this because nobody does it when they first start out and everyone regrets it later when livestock dies inexplicably. Don't trust everything the fish shops say, they don't all have the knowledge or the ethics they should, eventually you will come to know which ones to trust.

Pseudocolochirus violaceus
Australian Sea Apple
A stunning creature with a very bad reputation amongst reef aquarists, they are filter feeders and therefore are not suited well for most aquarium environments where the water column does not contain their dietary requirements. Sold to me in the absence of this knowledge unfortunately. Have a look at my Sea Apple page.

Stichodactyla gigantea
Gigantic Carpet Anemone
Admittedly one of the harder anemones to keep, bought with a wild-caught pair of black ocellaris.These were only available to me if I bought the anemone too. Kept in a 48x24x12 tank under a 400W metal halide. It gets the crumbs from the clowns daily but about once a week I direct feed it a piece of prawn. The anemone has not moved since being placed in the tank, I have taken this as a positive indication that it is content in it's environment.
Given to friends to look after, unfortunately he didnt make it, Clowns are still going strong though.

Entracemia quadricolour
Bubble Tip Anemone
I have a number of these, pictured below you can see  a semi-bleached BTA which has just split. This does occasionally happen, the other picture is also the result of a BTA split, now happily hosting  a baby black ocellaris. I find it good practice (as with all anemones, direct feed at least once weekly and provide good lighting). Sold when we moved to NZ.

Heractis crispa
Crispa Anemone
Sold to me as a gigantea before I was well researched enough to tell the difference.
Sold back to LFS.

Squamosa Clam
Rely almost 100% on lighting for their food so this is a must. This guy is under 150W metal halides and has grown considerably since I have had him. Sold when we moved to NZ.


Fromia indica
Marble Sea Star
Feed on sponges, not suited long-term in a marinne aquarium. Mine disappeared into the rockwork one day & never reappeared.


Fromia indica
Red Sea Star
Probably destined for the same fate as the marble star. I won't be getting any more of this species.


Cassiopea spp.
Upside Down Jellyfish
Given to me by LFS due to it's poor expected survival rate. Survived a suprising 10 months before dying.
Reefing The Australian Way
Australian reefing forum, excellent resource.

RTAW site, a searchable wki knowledgebase.



Licensed WA collector, Pete & Leanne run an excellent business with a real focus on sustainable collection and propagation.



Great online source for equipment, supply food cultures.


ATJ's Marine Aquarium Site
Very comprehensive site, reliable source for accurate well-researched information.


Oz Reef

Great resource site with a comprehensive DIY section.


Reef Online

Another recommended online shop for marine products. 


Age Of Aquariums

Very good source for low budget pumps and equipment.


GARF (Coral Propogation)

The ultimate resource for coral propagation, a seemingly endless supply of articles on coral propagation showing step-by-step from fragging to grow-out.

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