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This is the production end of the tank-tour. This 48x24x12 tank is split into 3 sections the first 2 feet square is allocated purely to my 2 black ocellaris and their host anemone which are well into their breeding cycle. The next 1.5 feet are for coral propagation and the remaining 6 inches or so is where the heater, skimmer, powerheads and a few mangrove seedlings are. I find this layout has worked well in the time it has been set up, I have a 400W metal halide light with reflector suspended above the tank which given the tank depth provides more than sufficient lighting.

No space is spared, real estate can be valuable in a coral propagation setup. I am still in the early stages of building brood stock at the moment so all propagation efforts are directed toward providing specimens for further propagation. Eventually I hope to have built up enough fully-developed specimens to trade or sell.


The remaining brood stock after a hack/slice propagation mission. Also used as a grow-out area for corals already attached to rock in the later stages.

My mushroom collection, some varying colours and types waiting to grown to a point where they can be safely attached to rock.

My first mushroom propagation success, the mushrooms on this rock were grown from my first round of cuttings and should have gone into the brood stock catalog but I couldn't bring myself to slice them again.
The other softie I have had quite a bit of success with is Xenia. Also well known as an easy propagator. I have some nice pulsing specimens which are growing beautifully. I always cringe when I slice one of these up.
Now also working on propagating some zoanthids & palythoa. Got some great coloured samples to work on
Unfortunately this tank had to go when we moved to New Zealand in 2006, all that exists of it now is this record.

Interested in coral propagation, check the links on the right hand panel of this page for some good propagation resources & sites.

Reefing The Australian Way
Australian reefing forum, excellent resource.

RTAW site, a searchable wki knowledgebase.



Licensed WA collector, Pete & Leanne run an excellent business with a real focus on sustainable collection and propagation.



Great online source for equipment, supply food cultures.


ATJ's Marine Aquarium Site
Very comprehensive site, reliable source for accurate well-researched information.


Oz Reef

Great resource site with a comprehensive DIY section.


Reef Online

Another recommended online shop for marine products. 


Age Of Aquariums

Very good source for low budget pumps and equipment.


GARF (Coral Propogation)

The ultimate resource for coral propagation, a seemingly endless supply of articles on coral propagation showing step-by-step from fragging to grow-out.

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